Wyggeston Trail


TRAIL DISTANCE - 7.5 miles

TYPE - Day Hike

This trail is described as either a 1.5-mile loop, or a 3-mile or 4.5-mile trail that will not return you to your point of origin. The trail starts as a 1.5 mile loop, which then leads to a 3 mile out and back trail. So if hiking the entire trail, it is 7.5 miles. This is what we did today.


trail work with logs


This trip was a last minute decision because we were trying to work around some rainy weather. With temperatures hovering just above freezing, we really wanted to avoid rain. We were hoping it would snow though! This was also a refresher hike, so to speak. We hiked this trail over 6 years ago, so we thought we'd check it out again. We also just bought snowshoes, and we were curious if this trail was appropriate for snowshoeing. And it is! Overall the hike isn't that strenuous, and the trail is pretty wide. Can't wait for some snow!!!

I didn't bring the camera this trip, so the photos are from our previous hike here in 2006. This trail is rich in history. About half way into the hike, you reach the Muddy Creek Oil Field Exhibit. This is a very cool display of various oil pumping equipment. There are also a few picnic tables to take a break.

Overall this was a fun hike. It has a few long climbs, but they aren't too bad. After the exhibit, alot of the trail is near, or along side state park roads, so it has the potential to not be the most remote hike. But on the other hand, we've hiked out there twice now and we have seen two people on the trail total.




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