Wolf Rocks - Forbes State Forest


TRAIL DISTANCE - 4.5 miles

TYPE - Day Hike

This was our second day hike over the Memorial Day weekend. The previous day was spent hiking at Laurel Hill State Park. We had just hiked the Wolf Rocks Trail Loop a month ago but since we were in the area again, we decided to get a quick nature fix before heading back home. This is an easy hike that leads to a very nice view, and you can't beat that!


wolf rocks vista snakewolf rocks trail











This was Memorial Day so we expected the trail (and the overlook) to be crowded, and it was. There were a lot of families out with their kids enjoying nature like we were. After about two miles we arrived at the Wolf Rocks Vista and we had to wait our turn to get the obligatory photos. We almost felt a little rushed though because of the crowds. We normally would take our time and get various shots and take it all in, but we didn't want to be nature hogs.

After we were done taking photos we headed back off of the rocky outcrop. That's when we noticed something that we should have seen long before…..a rattlesnake all coiled up sunning on the rocks. That scared the crap out of both of us, and then we were mad at ourselves for not being more careful. We will take this as a learning experience…..always, always, always scout around rocky outcrops before taking photos. Sometimes the view takes command, but don't let it. Look around, make sure it is safe for exploration, and then enjoy the views!





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