White Rocks - George Washington National Forest


TRAIL DISTANCE - 11.25 miles

TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

We have been wanting to get our daughter and her boyfriend out on a backpacking trip with us for a while, and this trip we finally got the chance. This was their first trip ever! We chose this particular hike because we wanted a fairly easy hike but also one with a nice view. We got lucky that this is also an isolated hike which was a nice bonus. It helped that we did this trip during the week, and we only saw one day hiker the entire trip.


snailwhite rocks vista











This is meant to be a loop hike, but we did it as an out and back. It added some miles doing it this way, but it also made the hike to the White Rocks Vista easier because we did this part as a day hike. The trails that we hiked were as follows….Wilson Cove Trail, Old Mail Trail, Racer Camp Hollow Trail, and then we camped for the evening. Stefani and her boyfriend set up our Big Agnes tent while we hung our hammocks. It wasn't long after the chores were done when we started a fire to warm the cool fall air. It was going to be a chilly night! The forecast called for lows in the upper 30's.

The next morning we enjoyed some hot drinks and snacks real quick and then got on the trail to go see the White Rocks Vista. This was just over a three mile day hike for us today. We got on the Tuscarora Trail and then got on the white blazed White Rocks Trail, and there is a short rock scramble to get to the vista. Even though colors weren't peak yet, it was still an amazing view! We spent quite a bit of time enjoying the vista but decided we should head back. We still had to break camp and then hike the 4 miles back to the trailhead.

We arrived back at camp and proceeded to pack up. Our adrenaline was still high from the great morning so far, so it didn't take us too long to break camp and we were soon back on the trail. And 4 miles later we were back at the trailhead. They both had a great first trip and came out seemingly unscathed. And that's always a good thing. Now we just have to get them out in the woods with us more often!






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