Stavich Bike Trail

Many Dates
Trail Length - 10 miles (one way)
From - New Castle, PA to Struthers, OH
Surface - asphalt with some bumpy spots from roots

Stavich Bike Trail is the closest trail to home, so we see lots of it. This a relatively straight open trail with very little shade along its ten mile length. There are a couple of active train tracks right alongside the trail, so chances are you will see (and hear) a train during your ride. You will also ride past a large beaver/geese pond that can smell a bit funky on warm days, but it's still a nice ride. The only negatives we can think of is that parts of the trail are a little bumpy from tree roots growing under the asphalt even though the trail was repaved in 2009, and some sections could really be mowed more often to keep the vegetation from growing over the trail.

There is plenty of parking at the New Castle trailhead, not quite so much at the Struthers end, although there are plenty of places to park midway along the trail and start riding. There are no amenities other than a small convenience store and a few benches as you pass through Lowellville OH. Overall this is a nice trail that usually isn't too crowded, and a couple of nice long gradual hills contribute to making it a great workout ride.