Ski Slope Trail - Black Moshannon State Park



TYPE - Day Hike

We were on the way home from visiting World's End State Park and we wanted to get a little more hiking in so we decided to stop and visit Black Moshannon State Park. We drove to the park office to look for maps and to get advice from a ranger. We were looking for a fairly short yet somewhat difficult hike. The Ski Slope Trail was rated most difficult and was recommended by a ranger because it had nice views midway through the hike.

We parked at the beach parking lot for this hike and headed up Snowmobile Trail to the intersection with Ski Slope Trail. One thing that we noticed right away was that the trail sign said 3 miles, but the website says that they trail length is two miles. We think with our hike pace and our hike time, the trail is probably 2 miles in length. And another thing we realized in just a short amount of time, we wouldn't classify this as a "most difficult" hike. Honestly, this would be rated as easy in our book. This particular trail is also a mountain bike trail so be aware. There are some places where the trail is fairly narrow and meeting a fast moving mountain bike could really hurt.


snake on trail


Once we made the trek up Rattlesnake Mountain, we reached the highest point in the park. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day, there weren't really any good views. We have no idea what the ranger was talking about as far as views go! It was still a nice hike though.




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