Shingletown Gap


TRAIL DISTANCE - 5.5 miles

TYPE - Day Hike

We went out of town for a weekend for an early birthday surprise for Jodi. We hiked at Shingletown Gap and Charles Lewis Natural Area, and Mike planned everything!

We drove to just south of State College, Pa to Shingletown to do a 5.5 mile hike in the Rothrock State Forest. It was overcast, but overall a beautiful day. This hike had some really beautiful vistas which were all on the Mid State Trail on top of Tussey Mountain. We started out on Deer Path trail, climbing to the ridge line atop Tussy Mountain, where we connected with the Mid State Trail. This section of trail was very rocky, so watch your footing on snowy or rainy days (and watch for snakes in the summer). The view from what is called the "Roman Tower" of Happy Valley and the Penn State campus was amazing. After almost two miles along the ridge line, we turned on to the Sand Spring trail for a steep descent and eventual connection with the Lower Shingletown Path and a return to the trailhead.

Roaring Run was also beautiful, and so were the abundant amounts of rhododendrons. This trail also has its share of PA rocks. We also had to watch out for mountain bikers; they were out in packs today. After the hike we drove to Altoona, Pa and checked in to the hotel.


jodi and mike at vista raoring run shigletown gap










The next morning we checked out of the hotel, and grabbed a huge breakfast at Perkins in Altoona, and got on the road heading towards Cramer, PA to hike in the Charles Lewis Natural Area.



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