Sandy Creek Trail

Trail Length - 12 miles (one way)
From - South of Franklin, PA to Lakes to the Sea Highway just before SGL 45
Surface - asphalt

This was our first ride on a "rail to trail" on our new Giant Rincon bikes. And just like with when we first started hiking, we made our share of beginner mistakes. We wore helmets, of course, but we did not have biking gloves or shorts. Now these aren't totally necessary, but as we found out in future rides, they do make the longer rides more comfortable. So we went shopping before riding again.

We have trouble knowing how to take it slow sometimes; so of course we decided to push it on our first ride by cycling 24 miles on the Sandy Creek Trail. This trail runs East to West and intersects with the Allegheny River Trail. There are a lot of rails to trails in this area near Franklin, PA.

The highlights of the Sandy Creek Trail are one tunnel, and seven bridges, the largest being the Belmar Railroad Bridge, which is 1385 feet long! This trail is pretty remote, so you need to have the right equipment and be self-supported. It is a nice mixture of both open and wooded canopy overhead while riding. We had so much fun this first ride, but we were both pretty sore! Your butt needs to "toughen up" for cycling, so the more you ride, the more comfortable it becomes. We are looking forward to our next ride already!