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We had heard a lot of good things about the Ricketts Glen waterfalls, and they were right. This place is amazing! With 22 named waterfalls, with the tallest being Ganoga Falls at 94', this hike is a water wonderland! Just be prepared for crowds. Our route today takes us on the Highland Trail, Falls Trail, a short out and back on the Waters Meet Trail, and then finally back onto the Falls Trail to finish the loop.

We did this hike on a Saturday and we got a pretty early start to help avoid the crowds. We parked at the Lake Rose Trailhead Parking which is the closest route to the waterfall loop so it can fill up rather quickly. When we arrived at 8:00am there were only two cars in the lot, and by the time we were done with our hike a few hours later the lot was almost full (and this is a very large lot). There are 3 other trailheads for the Falls Trail, so that tells you how busy this hike can be. Our hike begins by getting on the Highland Trail, with the highlight of this trail being the Midway Crevasse about half a mile in. This narrow passageway through large boulders was interesting, and it was extremely fun climbing up on the rocks and playing around like a couple of kids!


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We reach the Falls Trail and we start to realize the fascination of this hike. The waterworks of Ricketts Glen is amazing, and we aren't even to the tallest falls yet. There is also a lot of really interesting stone work along the trail and stairways, including a stacked stone armchair alongside the pool below one of the falls. A lot of work was put into this for sure. This loop hike is easy to moderate as far as elevation goes, but the footing can be real tricky especially along the Falls Trail, as there are some short nearly vertical climbs on wet rocks. So wear the proper footwear and take your time.

By the time we reached the main attraction, Ganoga Falls, the trail started getting real busy. There were even some bottlenecks on some of the long stair climbs. If we wanted any photos of the falls towards the end of the hike, we had to patiently wait our turn for the crowds to thin out and head to the next waterfall. This hike is highly recommended. We will try to visit again, and make it a spring hike to really see the full force of these waterfalls.

Our hiking tips…

Go early morning during the week if you can.
This is not a flip-flop wearing hike.
Be safe, don't take unnecessary risks to get that perfect photo.
Be patient and courteous for waterfall photos.
Did I say to try and go early morning, and on a weekday if you can?

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