Dehydrated Roasted Red Peppers

Dehydrated roasted red peppers are a great addition to your dehydrated food stock. We use them in many different backpacking recipes. I usually buy whole roasted red peppers in a jar at Sam's Club. They are very inexpensive, prep work is at a minimum and they dehydrate nicely. The hardest part is getting them onto your dehydrator trays without overlapping them.


roasted red peppers ready to be dehydrated roasted red peppers on tray










1. Remove peppers from jar and pat dry.

2. Slice peppers into small cubes, making sure to make them uniform in size.

3. Spread out the sliced peppers on your the dehydrator trays, making sure not to overlap them.

4. Dehydrate the peppers according to your dehydrator's directions.

5. Make sure the peppers are cooled off before storing. I let the them cool right in the dehydrator.

6. Package the peppers. My preferred method of storage is using canning jars. I keep one jar in the refrigerator for short term storage, and the rest I will put in jars, add an oxygen remover packet, and then seal up with my vacuum sealer. You can even hear it "pop" just like in heat canning. I then store these in my spare refrigerator in the garage. They will last a very long time with this method of storing.