Quehanna Trail (Short Loop)


TRAIL DISTANCE - 19.5 miles

TYPE - Backpack (2 nights)

We like to spend our wedding anniversary "getting some trail", and this was another one of those times. We spent 2 nights / 3 days hiking the Quehanna Trail Short Loop in the Moshannon State Forest; hiking almost 20 miles. It was a very wet 20 miles!

We had some rain the days before our hike, and it rained on us pretty good while we were hiking, especially the last day. We never really mind hiking in the rain in the summer, it's just something that never really bothered us. You actually get used to your feet squishing in your boots after a while.


moshannon state forest sign


We never like to give any trail a bad rap for poor blazing or whatnot, because it's probably our fault for not paying as much attention as we needed to. But we had some confusing turns on this hike and we had to backtrack a couple of times to get on the right trail. There are multiple trails to make this a loop, so I guess a couple of wrong turns might be expected. It's funny how some trails have blazes seemingly every 10 feet and huge signs at every intersection, and others have hardly any blazes and no signs at all.

Overall this was a fun hike, even with the rain. We saw no other hikers, and just a few small critters; chipmunks and squirrels mostly. Another great anniversary in the woods!




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