Quehanna Trail West - Moshannon State Forest


TRAIL DISTANCE - 16.6 miles

TYPE - Backpack (one night)

This particular trail was chosen this weekend mainly because we were looking for some fresh blueberries. This hike did not disappoint! We parked at Parker Dam State Park and got onto the Quehanna Trail. It was a very hot July day, and the bugs were out in full force. After about 3 miles into the hike, we hit the motherload of blueberries. After a short break enjoying some fresh fruit and water, we got back onto the trail. Soon we were on the West Cross Connector Trail.


mike in ferns eating blueberries










After we arrived at our planned campsite for the evening we were quite disappointed. The campsite was fine, but the water source was not what we expected. It was still early in the day, so we decided to hike on and see if we could find any other campsites. We hiked an additional .7 miles, to the Shagger's Inn Road. After some discussion, we decided that we could make do with the previous campsite, so we turned around and headed back. Today's total mileage was 8.3 miles. Tomorrow we hike out the path we took on the way in.

After setting up camp and filtering water, we roamed around the area and took some photos. It was also a beautiful clear sky this evening as well, so we did some star gazing. The plan for the next day was to get up fairly early and get going to beat the rain that we knew was in the forecast. After eating some breakfast, it started to lightly sprinkle while breaking camp. Most of the hike out we had light rain off and on, but it actually felt good. We took another break at the "blueberry patch" on the hike out and there were a few families parked down by the road picking blueberries.

The Quehanna Trail is a 70 mile trail with many cross connectors and other trails to make many loops in various lengths. We highly recommend any hikes out in this area.




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