Pandhandle Trail

04/08/2012 & 05/06/2012
Trail Length - 29 miles (one way)
From - Walker's Mill, PA to Weirton, WV
Surface - packed limestone

This packed limestone trail is 29 miles (one way) from Walker's Mill, PA to Weirton, WV. We rode out here twice now and it was awesome both times. The first time we rode almost 12 miles from Walker's Mill, PA almost to Bulger, PA, just past the Cataney Airport, and then turned around and made our return trip back to the trailhead. This airport also has a private Radio Controlled Flying Club here, and we watched them fly around as we rode by. It was kinda neat.

The second trip out here was another 24 miles (total) from the Harmon Creek trailhead to just past Burgettstown, PA and back. This trip we decided to go off the trail a bit and get some lunch at Subway in Burgettstown. This side trip was about 6-8 blocks of city riding on a fairly busy small main street. It was well worth it, the sandwich and ice-cream really hit the spot.

The Panhandle Trail is an open, wide trail which can get crowded, but it is very easy to make passes. This would be a hot ride in the summer. You can make this an even longer trip too. Just before the airport, the Montour Trail intersects with this trail.