Oil Creek State Park Bike Trail

Trail Length - 10 miles (one way)
From - Drake Well Museum to the Petroleum Center
Surface - asphalt

The Oil Creek State Park Bike Trail is a 10 mile trail (one way) from the Drake Well Museum to the Petroleum Centre. Services for this trail include a bike rental at the Petroleum Centre, and some picnic tables, benches, and bathrooms at various points of the trail. This is a paved trail with a mixture of both open and wooded cover overhead.

After parking near the train station, we got on this somewhat crowded trail. Sunny weekend summer days will usually be fairly busy here. There are nice views of Oil Creek along the trail, and if you're lucky, you might also see some wildlife. This is a fun little trail; you just have to watch out for other riders, especially the kids.

If you decide you want to only ride this trail one direction, it is possible without driving two vehicles. You and your bike can hitch a ride on the Oil Creek & Titus Railroad back to your car. I'm not sure what the cost is, but it is an option, especially if you are a train enthusiast.