Mt. Davis Loop



TYPE - Day Hike

We wanted to do a couple of day hikes this weekend, so we decided on hiking an area that we haven't been to yet…..Mt. Davis Natural Area in the Forbes State Forest. We decided to stay in Somerset, PA and today we will hike to the highest point in PA (3213 feet above sea level) and tomorrow we will day hike at Laurel Hill State Park.

We started the hike by parking at the Mt. Davis picnic area. It was a very windy chilly day, so we didn't see too many people today at all, even though it is Memorial Day weekend. The loop hike that we did today included the High Point Trail, Tub Mill Trail, Timberslide Trail, Shelter Rock Road and Shelter Rock Trail, which made about a 5 mile loop.


mt davis sign mike and jodi at mt davis










We were anxious to get to the tower to see what kind of views that we would have. But first we had to endure the somewhat boring beginning of the hike through rocky narrow rhododendron tunnels. We made it to the tower, dropped our packs, grabbed the camera, and climbed to the top of the tower. Wow, was it cold up there, and extremely windy. I set up the camera to take a photo of ourselves and the wind blew it right off the railing. Luckily Mike suggested that I dummy cord it to the railing in case it falls. The 360 views up here were nice, but we didn't enjoy it too long because we were both getting chilled.

The really interesting part of the hike was the Wildcat Spring off of Shelter Rock Road. The pictures don't do it justice. This crystal clear spring is so neat. The bottom is fine sand, and the spring is bubbling up through in spots. You really just have to see it.

We probably won't ever hike out here again; once was enough. It wasn't a bad hike, it's just one of those hikes that you have to go visit at least once. Tomorrow we have another adventure….this time at Laurel Hill State Park.




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