Thickhead State Wildlife Area/Mid State Trail


TRAIL DISTANCE - 11.5 miles

TYPE - Backpack (2 nights)

This was a long weekend for us, so we decided to spend two nights in the woods hiking a total of almost 12 miles. This was actually good mileage per day because it was a really really hot weekend, which also meant that the gnats, mosquitoes, and deer flies were out in full force. The blueberries were also plentiful, but unfortunately for us not quite ripe.

The loop for this hike was the following….mid state trail, shingle trail, john wert trail, bear meadows road, greenwood furnace spur trail, and finally the mid state trail. Sections of this loop is also part of the Great Eastern Trail. And for those of you who have never stepped foot on the Mid State Trail, just so you know, PA rocks were born here!

We stopped for our first night after hiking about 4 miles. The campsite was located near the end of the John Wert Trail. There were a couple of other campsites near here. The water source here is plentiful, but very dark in color. It tasted fine though. The only bad thing about this location was that we could hear cars going down the road occasionally.


mike in rhododendrons mst rocks














After enjoying some breakfast and breaking camp the next morning we headed towards Bear Meadows Road. Once we reached the parking area there, we decided to hike down the Meadows Trail about half a mile. We stopped and took a break at a nice clean water source, filtered and filled our bottles and our bellies, and then hiked back out the way we came. That was a nice little side trip to check out the Bear Meadows.

This was a real fun, secluded, and strenuous hike. The trail was a bit overgrown in sections but nothing we couldn't handle. Some sections of this loop is also a mountain bike trail so be aware. We only saw two other hikers and one mountain biker the entire weekend. This is a very good hike, especially if you like seclusion. It is a fairly strenuous hike though with a lot of rocky sections.

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