Minister Creek



TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

This trip was a short one-nighter in the Minister Creek area of the Allegheny National Forest. We parked near the Minister Creek Campground, and started out by immediately crossing the road and taking a long gradual climb along what looks like an old rail bed. The trail was pretty well marked, and easy to follow. The loop includes a short section of the North Country Scenic Trail, and we had camped in this area the previous year while hiking a section of that trail. There are a bunch of nice campsites at the Triple Fork area, right along the creek.

There was some rain in the forecast, so we tied up a tarp to extend the entry vestibule of our tent, since in really hard rain it's tough to get in or out without letting rain in the tent. Well, the rain that was forecast ended up being one of the most violent storms we had ever camped in! There was a troop of Boy Scouts camped upstream from us, and they decided to "bail" in the middle of the worst part of the storm, in the dark, and nearly took our tent down tripping over the guy lines, even though the trail was nowhere near our site! After that, we have always used bright reflective guy lines for the tent and tarps.


minister creek overlook butterfly at minister creek overlook











Hiking out the next morning after breaking camp, we had to be careful; the rocks on the trail were really slick from the rain. And the creek had risen a few inches overnight from all the rain. Almost the entire hike back to the car we were astounded that the Boy Scout leaders thought it was a good idea to hike that trail in the dark, rain and lightning! We guess they made it OK, we never heard any news reports, but we thought staying put was the best choice!

The Minister Creek overlook was a nice vista, the sites at Triple Fork are great and plentiful, and even though we got caught in a strong storm this was still a great trip that we will definitely do again.




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