Minister Creek



TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

We decided it was time to revisit this trip, which we first did back in 2008. After a little excitement at the trailhead parking lot (there had been a motorcycle accident on the sharp curve right by the parking lot) we loaded up and headed up the long gradual climb to the first trail intersection. It was a really nice day weather wise, clear and maybe a little warmer than ideal, but still really nice. About a mile in to the hike, we encountered a deer who seemed to be posing for a picture. There were a few more "blow downs" than we expected on this trail, but nothing we couldn't get over or around fairly easily, but overall the trail was in very good shape.

mike and jodi in tree minister creek










We set up camp at Triple Fork Campground, which is a primitive camping area where the Minister Creek Loop trail meets the North Country Trail. There are many many many sites to choose from here. On a summer weekend this place can be really busy, but on a Monday evening we had the place to ourselves. Finding firewood is a challenge here, as busy as this place gets, the deadfalls are pretty much picked over. The creeks are clear and the water was cool enough to chill our beers. We had a pretty good storm blow through overnight, but we were warm and dry in the tent. We did get pretty wet from the wet vegetation on the hike out, but as warm as it was we dried quickly.

The hike out on day two took us through an area of huge boulders, where it was about 10 degrees cooler in some of the narrow passages. About a mile from the end of the hike we stopped at the Minister Valley Overlook for a few photos. Here was where we saw the only other wildlife of the trip, a small snake crossed the trail between us. It never moved until Mike was already past it, so he never saw it until Jodi stopped to get it's picture. The rest of the hike was uneventful, the last half mile or so backtracking along the same trail we climbed the day before.

Minister Creek is a very nice backpacking trip, and can be especially nice for beginners due to it being an easy hike and short mileage. But be prepared to have a lot of company if going on a warm sunny weekend.



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