Mill Creek Trail

Trail Length - 11 miles (one way)
From - Canfield Township to Austintown Township, OH
Surface - asphalt

This trail sucks. Yeah, I said it. After reading up on the trail online, we thought that we were in for a nice ride, but boy were we wrong. The first thing we disliked about this trail was how busy it was, but that wasn't the worst part of the trail.

The worst thing about this particular trail was the fact that in just one direction, we had to cross small roads and highways 10 - 15 times, and then we had to do that again on our return trip! We don't mind a few road crossings, no big deal, but this was way too many, and some of the road crossings were outright dangerous. Visibility was poor at times, traffic was fast and busy, and we felt very unsafe crossing.

We survived this 22 mile ride, and we'll do it again... never. Ever.