Maurice Goddard State Park Bike Trail

Trail Length - 12 miles (one way)
From - various trailhead parking options
Surface - asphalt

We decided to try another trail close to home, so we drove North to Maurice K. Goddard State Park. This is a short 12 mile trail that can be made into a loop if you ride on Lake Wilhelm Road for a bit. We decided to ride the trail one way, and then turn around and finish the trail back the way we came.

The trail almost entirely circles around Lake Wilhelm's shoreline, so the views are nice during the ride. There are gently slopes with a couple of hill mixed in, so that will get the heart pumping. One hill caught us off guard for a second when we came over a somewhat blind curve then went straight downhill, only to hit the brakes just in time as to not run over a loose dog running across the trail. The owners were walking along the trail and were letting their dog run free. We saw them right away but never noticed the dog, and they decided not to warn us for some reason. Luckily we made it through that unscathed.

No bike facilities at all on this trail, but there are some bathrooms and benches on various sections of the trail. This is a fun ride, and we recommend you check it out.