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TYPE - Backpack (2 nights)

This was a two night summer getaway hiking part of the 59 mile Loyalsock Trail. We hiked a total of 17 miles, spending two nights in the woods. Our hike started out from the "World's End State Park" visitor's center, where we registered, since we were leaving our car in the lot for three days. Leaving the visitor center, we followed the road to a gravel parking lot where the trail starts climbing. The trail was extremely well blazed, probably the best marked trail we have seen. Ever. Seriously.

We came across the strangest looking trees, growing at a 45 degree angle out of a hillside while other trees around them grew in the more traditional vertical direction! After several moderate climbs, and passing a couple scenic overlooks, including "Ken's Window" (which wasn't so scenic), we spent the first night camped adjacent to Sone's Pond, which was not really suitable for swimming. It looked kind of gross actually!


vista at loyalsock



Day two was another hot sunny day, and when we arrived at our second planned campsite along Loyalsock Creek we decided we were going for a swim to cool off (and wash away the trail funk!). The World's End State Park web site says of the creek water: "The mountain stream water is always cold and exhilarating." And we have to agree. The water is just deep enough at mid-stream so that we couldn't stand on the bottom comfortably, and the current was strong enough we were concerned our water shoes would float away, but it felt wonderful! The final day was more beautiful scenery, awesome overlooks, and hot sunny weather.

Due to just hiking slow and taking a lot of photos, we cut our trip a little short and skipped the original plans of also hiking up to The Haystacks. We will have to make sure and make that trek next time we hike this trail. Overall it is a very nice hike, but it can get crowded with locals near the creek.




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