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TYPE - Day Hike

Today's hike was the second day hike over this Memorial Day weekend. We usually avoid short trails at State Parks, because that usually means large amounts of people. And we were right, this place was packed. Today was a much warmer and nicer day than the cold windy day that we experienced yesterday.

The hike described here includes the Tram Road Trail, Pump House Trail, Waterline Trail, and lastly, the much less used Ridge Trail. A lot of these trails are gravel road trails which get a lot of use in the winter with snowmobiles. We could see a lot of large rocks on the trails that were all scraped up from not enough snow on the ground for the snowmobiles. So if you hike out here in the winter, I would avoid all multi-use trails.


mike and jodi at the dam mike reading the map











The busiest part of the hike was the area around Jones Mill Run Dam. It was very busy here with people and kids everywhere. As soon as we finished our break here and took some photos, we then got on to the Ridge Trail which climbs above the dam on the other side of the run. This isn't a very well-traveled trail. There were a few blowdowns that were tricky to navigate through, and we lost the trail a couple of times. But we saw no people on this trail!

This was your typical State Park hike on a sunny day. It was fun, and the Dam was really cool, but we usually prefer quieter hikes. It was a fun weekend though!!!

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