John P. Saylor



TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

We were looking for a fairly easy backpack trip, and this hike seemed to fit the bill. We parked at the Gallitzin State Forest Picnic Area. This trailhead is also in very close proximity to the Lost Turkey Trail trailhead. We will hike that linear trail some day.

Today we hiked the John P. Saylor trail, which is almost 18 miles long if you hike the entire double loop. That is what we did this trip. This trail is for hikers only; no mountain bikes or horses allowed. This trail's highlight is supposed to be Wolf's Rocks, but that area is so drastically vandalized with graffiti it is such a shame. Good thing we really love to act like kids and climb all over rocks, because that graffiti really took away from our experience a bit.


john p saylor trail map


There is a rickety old looking suspension bridge connecting the two loops which crosses Clear Shade Creek. The bridge has seen better days I think! There is even a sign that says "limit 2 only". We decided to go one at a time!

We got back to the trailhead pretty early the next day and ate an early lunch at one of the picnic tables. And then after changing clothes and cleaning up a bit, we decided to go visit the Johnstown Flood National Memorial.

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