Hickory Creek Wilderness



TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

The Hickory Creek Wilderness is located in the Bradford Ranger District of the Allegheny National Forest. The trailhead is located on SR2002 about half a mile from the Hearts Content Recreation Area.

This is a Wilderness Area (one of only two such areas in Pennsylvania). What does this mean for a hiker? Get ready to get an extra good leg workout! Trail maintenance in Wilderness Areas is non-existent. We had a lot of blow downs (downed trees) to step over. The faded yellow blazes are still visible, but will be allowed to fade away.


hickory creek wilderness sign mushroom at campsite













We have hiked this area twice now, and will do it again someday. The area is just beautiful. The campsites are abundant, as are the water sources. Both times we have backpacked here there were always a few cars at the trailhead, yet we hardly ever see anyone on the trail. We highly recommend this trail.




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