Grove Run Trail



TYPE - Day Hike

We decided to drive to Linn Run State Park and hike the Grove Run Trail. The plan was to hike that trail and then drive South a little ways and hike the Wolf Rocks Trail. Things quickly changed as soon as we started hiking.

It was a beautiful winter day, with hardly any wind at all, and a fresh 6 inches of snow on the ground. There was a hiker ahead of us because there were fresh tracks on the trail. This made our hiking pace fairly normal for us with these conditions. But as soon as we got to the bridge over Grove Run, we had to break trail. This was hard going, mainly because of the side slope of the trail. This slope kept us on our toes because we were constantly slipping down slope off the trail, and we both had a couple of pretty good falls today. Traction devices would not have helped us today, because once the trail was level, our footing was fine.


snow on the grove run trail sloped grove run trail










The blazes were also few and far between at times, which made us hike even slower. We were not only looking for blazes but also cut blowdowns to give us signs of where the trail went. We had to really slow down and pay attention, which also included stopping at times and finding the trail.

Needless to say, it took us 3.5 hours to hike this 4 mile trail, so we did not attempt the other hike as planned. Without snow on the ground, this hike would normally take us 2 - 2:30 depending on break lengths. This was probably the hardest winter hike we have ever done, not because of elevation, but because of the trail conditions.. We only saw the one hiker who had broken the first mile of trail, and no critters.

Even though it was hard, this was a beautiful hike. We had home-made potato soup waiting for us when we got back to the SUV. That was a nice ending to our strenuous hike.




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