Golden Eagle Trail



TYPE - Day Hike

We had heard that this was one of the premier day hikes in Pennsylvania, so we decided to see for ourselves. It is a 3.5 hour drive to the trailhead for us, so we decided to drive up after work on a Tuesday and we slept in the SUV. We got up early the next morning to a chilly dreary day, but looking forward to the hike, which is just under 10 miles.

This is yet another hunting area, so we donned our blaze orange and got on the trail. We had the trail to ourselves as far as hikers go, but we did see a couple of hunters today.


vista at godlen eagle trail bonner run at golden eagle trail










The hike was as strenuous as we had read about; it will get your heart pumping, especially the final section leading up to the Raven's Horn vista. This section was deceiving to us. There were multiple times that we thought we were approaching the summit, only to realize we were being fooled by another false summit. We could see Raven's Horn, but it seemed to take forever to finally reach it! It was worth all of the hard work though because the vistas were beautiful, even on this hazy cloudy day.

This did live up to the reputation of being one of the best day hikes in Pennsylvania, not to mention a very good workout! The trailhead is also one of the trailheads to the Pine Creek Rail to Trail. We haven't biked out here yet, but plan to someday. It is a very nice area.




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