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TYPE - Day Hike

We wanted to go on a short day hike today, but not one of our "go to" local hikes, and Oil Creek State Park fit the bill. We haven't visited there in a while, and it is only about a 1.5 hour drive, so we got on the road just after 8:00am. It was supposed to be a nice September day with highs in the mid 70's and no chance of rain.

The loop we chose today was the Northern Gerard Trail (small loop), which utilizes part of the Gerard Trail as well as the Boughton Bridge connector trail. We parked at the canoe launch in the northern part of the park, which is also the trailhead for the bike trail. After gearing up, we walked across the bridge to get onto the Gerard Trail (East). After about 1.5 miles of moderate to strenuous climbs this led us to the white blazed cross connector trail which leads to the Boughton Swinging Bridge. This bridge is pretty neat, a lot of work went in to building and maintaining it!


oil creek us at oil creek state park











After enjoying the views for a little while, we crossed the bridge and continued on the connector trail. This was a gradual climb until it met back up with the Gerard Trail (West). Be careful on this section because it crosses the bike trail a couple of times. After we finished the climbing, we sought out a place to sit for a quick lunch break. As we sat there and enjoyed our tuna salad pitas, many trail runners passed us by. This short loop must be a popular run because we saw close to ten trail runners total. They must be training for next month's Oil Creek Trail Run, which consists of many distances with the longest being 100 miles. Wow, that's just crazy! You might want to avoid hiking or biking here October 11 and 12.

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