Fun Stuff



gopro head Mike's new nickname...GoPro Head!!!



mike jumping into river

Mike taking the plunge from "Jump Rock" into the Upper New River.

This was during our guided white water rafting trip with Ace Adventure Resort in West Virginia.



camel tree

Does that tree look like a camel face to you?

Come see it, don't you?



no dog pooping sign
Awesome sign along the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail.



jodi in cold water
The water is just a little colder than what Jodi thought it was going to be!



limit 2 on bridge
Not so sure the limit should even be one person on this bridge.



trees growing sideways These trees are growing that way?



mike wet  from bogs Mike had a little issue during a hike at Otter Creek. The Moore Run bogs sucked him in!



no hang gliding sign

No hang gliding?

This sign is posted near the beginning of the Condon Run trailhead in the Otter Creek Wilderness.




awesome blue color What an awesome color!!!