Aren't you scared of hiking in the woods?
Nah, the only thing we are even slightly concerned with are ticks. We do nightly checks looking for them little buggers.

What about bears, will they eat you?
I don't think our "hiker odor" is considered appetizing to bears, unless we get between momma bear and her cub, then it's every hiker for themselves!

Do bears poop in the woods?
See photo.


bear poop on the trail


Do you poop in the woods?
Some of our trips are almost a week long, so yeah, we poop in the woods! When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. We do follow LNT (Leave No Trace) outdoor principles. Check HERE for more information. No photos included.

Do you really carry everything that you need to survive and actually sleep in the woods?
Yup, call us crazy!

How heavy is your backpack?
Well, on an average one night summer trip, Mike's backpack is around 25lbs, and Jodi's backpack is around 22lbs. This includes food and water. We have carried much much more, but we are getting too old for that.


jodis full backpack


backpacking food for 5 days












What kind of food do you eat?
We eat basically a normal diet, but with lighter (dehydrated) foods. The photo above is all of our food for a 5 day trip. We ate well, but our packs were heavy! We eat very well out in the woods, and it's all fresh home-made meals!


What is the farthest you have traveled in one day?
Our longest hike was 26.5 backpacking miles, and our longest bike ride was 45 miles. Gonna break both of those some day. Just sayin'.

Do you hike in the rain?
Um, yup, we hike in the rain. And snow. And even sun. It's all good.


What all do you carry?
We carry everything to survive, and even some comforts of home. This includes a shelter (tent or hammock), sleeping bags and pads, kitchen gear, food, water, and miscellaneous other stuff. You'd be surprised on how little you really need to be totally comfortable out in the backcountry.

What is bike packing?
Bike Packing is the same as backpacking, only with bikes. We tow all of our gear in a bike trailer. It's kinda cool. Here is Mike towing the trailer.


mike towing trailer on bike


Why do you do this stuff?
Exercise, solitude and being in the great outdoors. And being together is cool too, we enjoy each other's company. And we see some really cool sights too! Did we mention that we enjoy each other's company?