Eagleton Mine Camp Trail


TRAIL DISTANCE - 19.5 miles

TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

We knew we were in for something when we got to the trailhead and there were a gazillion moths flying around. Little did we know that we would spend the next two days hanging out with every moth in Pennsylvania. It was a little annoying at first (to say the least), but somehow you kind of get used to it after awhile.

Anyhow, we did the outer loop of this trail, which is almost 20 miles. We started at the western trailhead, and hiked counter clock-wise. The southern section of the trail isn't your typical wide multi-use trail. This trail is hardly used, a few piles of very old horse poo on the trail, and absolutely no signs of mountain bike usage on the southern section.

Our goal was to camp near Boiler Run, which is about 7.5 miles in. We did not find any established campsites at all since our hike began. The terrain, especially near the water sources, just wasn't appropriate for a campsite, at least not for tents. We decided to fill all the bladders and bottles we had at Boiler Run and trek on to look for our home for the evening.


pretty butterfly pretty butterfly










We finally found a level spot after a set of switchbacks, less than a mile from Eagleton Rd. We left camp the next morning with very little water. The next run we crossed was dry. Our next option was to get to Holland Run, which paralleled Eagleton Rd. This required about half a mile out and back of bushwhacking. Luckily, that run was flowing good. We filtered water, cameled up, and on we went.

We did finally see one established campsite in a nice open grassy area. It is located after crossing Eagleton Rd the first time, near the power lines. It is dry, but there are plenty of blueberries! Most of the rest of the trail was on old forest roads, in the hot sun. We saw no one, a few deer, and some pretty butterflies near the end of our hike. It was hot, but a fun hike, although we probably won't venture out here again anytime soon.




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