Dolly Sods



TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

This was yet another awesome visit to Dolly Sods! The last time we backpacked here was in 2008 and we mainly hiked The Lions Head and northern sections of Dolly Sods. This hike we were hoping to avoid most of the boggy sections of trail by hiking the following loop…Breathed Mountain Trail, Red Creek Trail, Rocky Point Trail, and Big Stonecoal Trail. This was an 11 mile loop with absolutely beautiful weather, but with slightly chilly overnight temps (for us anyhow). This loop had its muddy sections, but it was not like the bogs on Dobbin Grade Trail.


bear print in mud lions head











One of the highlights of the trip for us was the short time hiking on the Red Creek Trail and also camping along the trail. It was an awesome campsite right next to the creek, fairly secluded from other campers. The next morning we started a small fire to warm up while enjoying breakfast. The plan for today was to hike up to Lions Head and have lunch and then make our way back to the Breathed Mountain Trailhead. After breaking camp we made our way to Rocky Point Trail, and this trail was definitely rocky! After getting onto the trail to Lions Head, it was even more rocks, and quite steep then it levels out and goes through a large pine forest. A lot of people camp up here to be close to Lions Head, but keep in mind, there is no water up there at all.

We finally made our way to the Lions Head and we couldn't believe our eyes when we realized that we had the place to ourselves! The last time we were here we couldn't even get a photo of Lions Head because there were so many people. We dropped our packs and explored the entire overlook. It is truly amazing up there! If you hike Dolly Sods, you have to go to the Lions Head, and see how quickly you can spot the lion! (No cheating by looking at our pictures!) We spent a good hour up there and then decided we should get back on the trail. We still had another 3.5 miles to hike and then the 4 hour drive home.

Needless to say, it was time to leave Lions Head and get back on trail. But we will return!!!




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