Various trails - Cuyahoga Valley National Park



TYPE - Day Hike

Oh boy did we ever learn a lot on this hike! This was among our first hikes, and our longest day hike we had ever attempted. We hiked the Boston Run Trail, Haskell Run Trail, Ledges Trail, Brandywine Falls Trail, Old Carriage Trail, as well as some of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. All together we hiked 19 miles, and we were dumb enough to be wearing cotton socks, so there were some epic blisters! There was one on Mike's right heel that was roughly the size of a silver dollar and it "popped" as we were hiking. That was not pretty!

Our hiking gear was pretty bad too, Mike was wearing an old Camelback Rim Runner with way too much crap stuffed in it that put all the weight on his shoulders, and Jodi's camera bag was this HUGE fanny pack looking thing that was big enough to fit her camera plus a couple more. At least we had plenty of water, since we both had hydration packs.


mike and jodi at waterfall at cuyahoga national park friendly deer at cuyahoga










The scenery was nice, there was a beautiful waterfall and lots of interesting rock formations to hike through and around, and at one point on the "Old Carriage Trail" we were being almost stalked be an over friendly deer. At least he posed for some really nice pictures!

The biggest drawback (besides our rookie gear mistakes) was that this place was BUSY! It was a hot sunny beautiful late summer day, and this place was packed with strollers, bikes, pets, kids, horses and of course the occasional hiker. We prefer a slightly less populated location.




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