Chimney Rocks - Appalachian Trail (Pennsylvania)


TRAIL DISTANCE - 4.5 miles

TYPE - Day Hike

The loop we chose today started on the Appalachian Trail, then we checked out the Tumbling Run Shelters on the blue blazed trail, then continued on the AT to blue blazed trail to Chimney Rocks, then on to Tumbling Run Trail, back to the AT by the shelter, and return trip to the trailhead. This loop was about 4.5 miles. Longer loops can be done here, but with the trails being snowy and icy in spots we decided to keep the hike short. The sun had melted and refroze a lot of areas which made the footing quite tricky on parts of the trail.

The hike began with a pretty good climb to test our legs and lungs right away. This was a nice day for a hike, although a little chilly. It was ok while we were hiking, but stopping at Chimney Rocks (aka Buzzard Peak) for a snack break didn't last too long. We spent a few minutes taking in the views and enjoying some gorp, and got back on the trail to get warmed up. Overall this was a very nice hike, one that we would love to do again with some fall colors.


chimney rocks vistajodi appalachian trail sign











For those of you who do not know, the Appalachian Trail has many shelters along the way and some of them are really run down and some of them are like a hotel in the woods. Well, the Tumbling Run Shelter along this hike is pretty awesome. It is actually two shelters with a covered picnic area, and Tumbling Run is a crystal clear water source nearby. This would be an enjoyable night in the woods if staying here, if you don't mind sharing your bedroom with the shelter mice!




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