Charles Lewis Natural Area



TYPE - Day Hike

Today's hike is a 5 mile hike in the Charles Lewis Natural Area on the Clarks Run Trail loop in the Gallitzin State Forest just north of Johnstown, Pa. It is in the upper 30's, and raining. The rain started out as a sprinkle for the first hour, but then it went back and forth from sprinkle to absolute pouring. Certain parts of the trail were near power lines, and we could literally hear the lines buzzing during the downpour.

Rain in the summer is one thing, but rain in cold weather sucks. My core was warm, my feet were dry, but my hands were freezing, and I could never warm them up. It got to the point where I put the trekking pole away, and pulled my hands up in the sleeves of my Marmot Precip. I really need to buy some waterproof gloves. We were both soaked to the bone by the time this hike was over.


mike and jodi soaking wet after hike


Anyhow, even thought the weather sucked big time, it was another great hike. I'm sure the vistas would have been much better in nice weather, but it was still fun. One of the vistas overlooking the Conemaugh River you can see the Laurel Ridge, which includes the northern section Laurel Highlands Trail. I didn't take as many photos because of the rain though.



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