Canaan Mountain



TYPE - Backpack (1 night)

Oh what a hike, this place is awesome! There are many trails at Canaan Mountain, so many different loops are possible. Todays hike was spent mainly on the Plantation Trail with visits to Table Rock and Lindy Point overlooks, while also using several other trails to complete the loop.

We parked at The Blackwater Falls Lodge and registered at the office. Nice folks there. And then we got our boots on, geared up and got on the trail. It was a warm August day, but it wasn't unbearably hot. We realized almost right away that we were going to have to navigate through some very wet trail conditions. We encountered muddy trails, bogs, and even some "take your boots off" water crossings. Be prepared to get your boots wet on this hike.

Speaking of water, all of the creeks and water sources here are not what we are used to. The "black" water (Blackwater Falls) is actually amber colored and is result of tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles. The water is safe to drink, just filter it as you would any other water source.

We knew that the highlights of the hike were going to be Table Rock and Lindy Point. They did not disappoint. We decided to camp up near Table Rock. This is a dry campsite (no water source), so we had to carry extra water to have enough water to last through morning. The campsite is rather small; you can fit maybe two small tents up there. Once we arrived, we dropped our gear and walked over to see Table Rock and the wonderful views. On the way, we saw fresh bear tracks in the mud. Our jaws dropped once we got the vista! What a view we have! We decided right then that we were going to wake up bright and early and enjoy a beautiful sunrise.


bear tracks near table rock


snake on canaan mt hike












The next morning we woke up and hurried to make some coffee. We then grabbed a couple of breakfast bars and walked over to Table Rock with our headlamps. That was one of the best breakfasts ever! If you ever hike out here, we highly recommend camping up near Table Rock and enjoying this amazing sunrise!

We also really enjoyed the views from Lindy Point, although be prepared to not have that place all to yourselves. The parking area for that overlook is less than half a mile away, so you will probably not be alone there. Lindy Point was the only place we saw anyone the entire hike. If you enjoy solitude, then this hike is for you. We did see our first Timber Rattler; it was a large one too! We left it alone (took photos from a distance), and it left us alone. We also saw a herd of deer near the end of the hike. They were camera hogs too.


bird flying over lindy point canaan mt deer










This hike not only provides solitude, but wonderful rhododendron lined trails, awesome views, and hopefully the opportunity to see some wildlife. This is really one of the best hikes in our short backpacking career so far. This one is not to be missed!

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