Buzzard Swamp



TYPE - Day Hike

We decided it was time to visit the Allegheny National Forest again; it's been awhile since we ventured up there. This trip we decided to hike the Buzzard Swamp trail located in Marienville, PA. The trail system consists of many loops and connector trails; all surrounded by open meadows, many ponds and also a huge propagation area which is off limits and clearly marked.

This is supposed to be one of the best wildlife viewing areas in the Allegheny National Forest. And even though we didn't get the chance to see anything, we know that there is an abundance of deer especially. The hunters and their dogs (wild turkey hunting season) that we saw must have scared them away. We saw so many deer tracks, it was crazy.


buzzard swamp pond


Most of the trail is on forest roads, and there is hardly any elevation gain. In other words, this is an extremely easy hike. It's not your typical "in the forest" type of hike, but I am so glad we checked it out. We know for sure that we will be back out here when it warms up in the hopes of catching the spring migration. I may even bring a tripod and hang out for a while.

We hiked about 6 miles today. We hiked on Forest Road 157, up to pond #8, then we took the connector trail down to the Songbird Sojourn Interpretive Trail and back to the 157 Trailhead. Our original plan was to hike up Forest Road 378, but we couldn't find the trail. Once we finished our hike, we walked around the Trailhead some more and we finally found the FR 378 trail. We will have to check out that section of trail next time we are out here. Looking forward to Spring!




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