Butler Freeport Community Trail

Trail Length - 20 miles (one way)
From - Freeport, PA to Butler, PA
Surface - mostly crushed limestone with some portions of dirt and asphalt

The Butler Freeport Community Trail is so named because the trail begins in Butler, PA and ends in Freeport, PA, this length being 20 miles. This trail is crushed limestone, but it's in pretty good shape. We decided to park at the Freeport Trailhead to start our ride since the trail has a nice easy grade from Freeport to Butler. We weren't sure how far we would ride today; we just went with the flow.

It was a nice early Fall day and we enjoyed the peacefulness of this trail. We traveled through many rural towns and farmland, including a huge poultry farm right off of the trail. The trail does go through a couple of small towns, but I am not sure on what types of amenities they have, if any. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and be self-sufficient. We ended up riding 16 miles, almost the entire trail, and then turned around and made the slight downhill return ride to our car. This made a 32 mile day for us today.

The trail was quiet and not busy at all, which is a nice change from our normal rides. One note of importance…horse riders are permitted on the side of the trail, so pass with extra caution. And watch out for the poo on/near the trail!