Beartown Rocks Large Loop



TYPE - Day Hike

We decided to go on a winter day hike on Christmas Eve, so we chose a hike not too far from us. It was a pretty cold day today, but we love hiking in the winter! We have done some other hikes in Clear Creek State Forest, so we knew that we would not be disappointed. We hiked the Clear Creek Loop and the Beartown Rocks loop, a total of 8 miles.


bear tracks in the snow


clear creek trail sign












You know that you are getting close to the Beartown Rocks overlook when you come upon some huge boulders. Unfortunately some of them have graffiti on them. The views from the overlook are nice, but I think we would enjoy the views more during the summer months. The rhododendron tunnels were nice as well. although I bet those sections would be much harder to travel through in the summer months.

We had the trails to ourselves today, except for the bear. How appropriate is it that we see bear tracks on the Beartown Rocks Trail? We didn't get the opportunity to see any critters today, but it's still cool to see the tracks.

It was a nice winter hike on Christmas Eve.




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