Beartown Rocks - Clear Creek State Forest



TYPE - Day Hike

This was a short 4 mile winter day hike with our daughter in the nearby Clear Creek State Forest. The first thing we noticed upon approaching the trailhead parking was that there were signs saying the road was closed ahead, but the trailhead parking was just before the bridge that was out. That seemed to be an indication of things to come.


stef on bridge


Once we got out on the trail, the blazes were plentiful, and the trail was easy to follow, although the snow was deep in spots. We took the Beartown Rocks and Trap Run Trails, as an out and back. We had originally planned to do a loop, but there was a wooden bridge that was completely out, and it took following the stream quite a ways to find a suitable place to cross, so we ended up cutting the hike short. Had it not been winter, we could have waded across, but we didn't want wet boots in freezing weather and deep snow. Another bridge further along was severely damaged by high water, and looked like it was about to fall down, but we were able to get across safely.

At the halfway point we stopped for a lunch of hot soup and hot cocoa, then retraced our steps back to the parking lot. This was yet another fun day in the snow!





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