Bear Mountain



TYPE - Day Hike

This was a "side trip" during our first Grand Canyon trip. We wanted to see a little more than just the Canyon, so on the last day of our Arizona stay, we made a road trip to the Sedona area and climbed Bear Mountain. This is a strenuous 4.8 mile out-and-back climb, and permits are required before entering the "Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness" area.

The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona on 89A was very winding and scenic, but there was a lot of traffic and we ran in to a few snow flurries while driving. We stopped by the Sedona Area Chamber of Commerce, where a State Parks Department representative was available to sell us permits. It took longer to find a parking place than it did to actually get the permit. We were thoroughly warned about what a difficult hike this was and how many times they have to rescue hikers on that mountain. We were prepared for the hike, so we drove to the trailhead for Bear Mountain and Doe Mountain.


red rocks at bear mountain red rocks at bear mountain










Almost the entire hike was in the open and unshaded, so in the summer this would be a really hot climb! There was a lot of climbing and rock scrambling, and some truly awesome views, but as we neared the summit the weather turned colder, very windy, and threatened to storm. Not wanting to experience a rescue brought about by slippery wet rock climbing, or a lightning strike on the open summit, we quit before quite reaching the top for safety reasons.

We are so glad we decided to hike here. It was a very fun hike, even though the weather interfered with our fun a little bit. We highly recommend this hike if you are in the Sedona area.




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