Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge



TYPE - rookie kayak trip

We went on a vacation to Virginia Beach with Jodi's brother and his family, and we were looking for something extra to do, so we decided on kayaking. None of us have ever kayaked before, but we looked at the website online, and decided to try a guided trip at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Well, we found out that they were all booked up on their guided trips, but that we were welcome to rent some kayaks and take them out on our own with a map in hand, so that is what we did!

Four of us arrived bright and early so we wouldn't get too cooked in the afternoon sun. We got 2 two man sea kayaks, life jackets, paddles, and a map and some water. How hard could it be? It was really easy at first, paddling through the nice calm water leading up to the bay, but then we noticed the wind picking up. By the time we got to North Bay, the wind was really ripping and the water was extremely choppy. We did our best to paddle through the corner of the bay and get back into another small inlet where it was much calmer. We made it through the rough section, but we knew we had to make this return trip back through the bay later on.


mike and jodi kayaking kenny and jody kayaking










We were right, going back through North Bay on the return trip was even harder because we were paddling in to the wind. We were paddling like crazy and felt like we were moving inches, but we finally made it back to the calmer waters! We saw a couple of fishermen, and a guided kayak trip was just beginning as we were finishing up. It was real fun, and also a very good workout. We spent a couple of hours total out on the water. By the time we got back to the put-in area, we were all so exhausted.

Next time we will look at the weather forecast first and choose a day that isn't so windy!!!




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