Dehydrated Apples

Apples are one of the first things that I ever dehydrated, and they are probably the simplest to do. They can be a little time consuming to prep, but having the right equipment is extremely helpful. I absolutely love my apple peeler/corer! I couldn't imagine doing 10 lbs of apples without one.

I found these apples on sale for $1.00/lb. I love a good bargain! Mike helped me get the apples in the dehydrator on a Friday night, that way I could let them dehydrate overnight. After washing all of the apples (it was 22 of them), we went to work. Mike peeled/cored them and then cut them in half and then handed them over to me. I then spread them out onto the trays and sprayed them with a lemon juice mixture. With this system, we got 10 lbs of apples in the dehydrator in 35 minutes! I think that broke a record!

That amount almost filled my 9 tray Excalibur. I had a tray and a half left, so I probably could have done another 3-4 apples.


pile of apples vacuum sealing apples










1. Wash the apples.

2. Core, peel, and slice apples.

3. Treat apples with lemon juice/water mixture. You can soak the apples, but spraying them right on the trays works just fine.

4. Spread apples onto your dehydrator trays, making sure not to overlap. Dehydrate according to your dehydrator's directions.

5. After testing and satisfied that they are done to your liking, let cool completely. I usually just let them cool right in the dehydrator, and then I remove the apples and store in an air tight container for a day or two at room temperature.

6. Package apples. I prefer storing mine in canning jars. I keep one jar handy for short term storage, and vacuum seal the rest right in the jars and store in the spare refrigerator in the garage. My vacuum sealer has a jar attachment and it works perfectly. You can even hear it "pop" just like heat canning.


Beginning weight of apples - just under 10 lbs.

Dehydrated weight of apples - 15 oz.