Allegheny Front Trail



TYPE - Backpack (4 nights)

This trip was our longest hike to date. We spent 4 nights/5 days hiking the outer loop of the Allegheny Front Trail. This trail has a little bit of everything, and solitude as well. Throughout the 5 days over Labor Day weekend, we only saw 3 day hikers with dogs, and a fisherman. I was a little surprised that we didn't see any backpackers.


mike and jodi at the start of the aft our backpacking food for 5 days











Here are some random bits learned from this hike…..

Backpackers can get really stinky.
Smacking one's head on a low hanging branch doesn't hurt the tree any.
Changing into dry socks frequently makes for happy feet.
Small snakes are kind of cute.
Porcupines poop a lot.
Pennsylvania trails have a lot of rocks.
"No Rinse" shampoo works surprisingly well.
Bears coming close to camp at 3:00am can be a little intimidating.
Chocolate and peanut butter is a very yummy dessert.
Rhododendron branches make a great clothes rack for drying.
An interstate highway can be considered a vista.
Cleaning and putting gear away after a trip is no fun.

I look forward to hiking the East loop again during the fall colors some time. That would be nice. Anyhow, it was a great trip, and I would recommend it to anyone. Just watch out for the horse poo on the trail!

Oh, I almost forgot. For anyone wishing to clean the grime off before hitting a local restaurant, there is a shower at the beach at Black Moshannon State Park. I was a little surprised that it was open, because it was after Labor Day. There was no hot water, but it worked well enough. We smelled like bathroom hand soap, but at least we didn't scare anyone at the restaurant!

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